Corporate Law

Stoychev&Co Law Office has more than 25 years of experience and specialized knowledge in Corporate Law.  The services proposed by our corporate lawyers cover both industrial and commercial companies, public sector organisations, the non-profit sector and asset management structures. Stoychev&Co Law Office has an outstanding expertise in setting up and establishing new companies, including international joint ventures. We offer our clients full support and work with them in English, Russian and/or Spanish, thus saving a lot of inconvenience. We can advise you on the organisation and formalisation of relations between partners and management, and draft and review the legal documents required to implement all kinds of business projects. Our team can help you identify and determine the legal structures that best minimise the risk related to your start-ups, mergers, disposals, acquisitions or restructurings. Stoychev&Co Law Office closely cooperates with PS Corporate Services Ltd which may advise our clients on tax, accounting and project management issues.

Construction and Real Estate

The Real Estate and Construction sector represents one of the most significant areas of our practice. Stoychev&Co Law Office assists local and international clients through the development of diverse real estate projects. We advise clients on all their construction-related legal needs, from the drafting of project documentation to the resolution of disputes arising out of projects. The firm provides comprehensive legal services with regards to acquisition, development and management of real estate properties and advises on a broad range of legal and practical matters inherent to the different types of real estate transactions, real estate due diligence, title research, real estate management and leasing, development of real estate projects, construction, regulatory approvals, spatial planning, supervision of construction works, construction contracts, as well as in litigation before arbitrations and courts at all levels.

Energy Law

Stoychev&Co Law Office provides legal services to investors in the Energy sector, mainly Renewables by assisting them in the setting up of appropriate legal structure necessary for their business operations, and in the realization of their projects both in Bulgaria and around the world. If you are looking for a legal team in energy, resources and infrastructure that can support you every step of the way, we offer you exactly that. Our expertise includes deep understanding of the renewable energy business, as well as profound knowledge of the legal framework of the energy sector. We support our clients by participating in negotiations, preparation of legal opinions on different sector-specific issues, preparation of applications for governmental approvals, advice on project finance matters, tax structures and environmental regulations, as well as relations with the responsible public authorities and litigation.

Employment and Labour Law

At Stoychev&Co Law Office we understand the pressures that today’s companies, boards of directors, management teams and individual executives face. We will help guide you through a lot of challenges. Often the main challenge is complying with rapidly changing legal requirements that vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Our clients come to us for strategic advice on crucial employment, compensation and benefits-related issues, as well as day-to-day support in the sphere of Labour Law. Stoychev&Co Law Office provides ongoing advice to corporate clients on all employment and social security law issues that might arise in connection with the complex and highly dynamic relationships between employers and employees. Our long experience and extensive knowledge in this area allows us to provide effective and efficient service in the development, negotiation and enforcement of employment and management contracts, internal regulations, employment policies. We counsel our clients on good practices allowing them to minimize liability risks.

Tax Law

Stoychev&Co Law Office has extensive expertise in helping domestic and multinational companies organize their business to comprehend taxes and take advantage of local tax incentives. In this respect we assist our clients by providing advice on the structure of commercial transactions and on the tax-related issues that may arise out of those transactions. Stoychev&Co Law Office collaborates closely with PS Corporate Services Ltd to ensure top-notch services to its clients. Our endeavor is to provide technical advice and analysis in a way that is clear and business-oriented, with strong focus on avoiding tax complications. We offer clear and reliable tax advice in the event of tax-related disputes and experienced representation in tax litigation and administrative tax controversies.

Consumer Law

The consumer market is constantly evolving. As a result, price, convenience, quality and customer experience are more important than ever. Consumer expectations are set high: people expect a lot in exchange of their moneys and they “want it quickly”. Meanwhile consumer law in the aspect of consumer protection, is developing rapidly in Bulgaria as a country member-state of the EU. The regulations become more and more strict in different sectors – retail, tourism, online merchandise, etc. Stoychev&Co Law Office has practice with some of the largest companies and cooperatives in the retail sector in Bulgaria. We also offer representation before the Commission for Consumer Protection and in administrative consumer controversies.

Administrative Law

Stoychev&Co Law Office has years of experience and specialized knowledge in Administrative Law. More specifically, our firm has experience in the legislative framework which governs the differences which arise between the citizens and the government or between companies and the public administration (Regional Authorities, Municipalities, National Authorities, the Church, etc.). Our lawyers have deep knowledge of the complicated Administrative Laws and administrative procedures and are in a position to plan the most efficient method to represent their principal before every administrative and judicial authority. We undertake cases involving: representation before administrative authorities for penalties and imposition of administrative fines, administrative penalties, actions before the Supreme Administrative Court and the administrative courts of appeal of Bulgaria.

Sports Law

The sports industry has become a strategic sector in the economy and is subject to increasingly strict legislation in areas as diverse as tax, social security and labour law, corporate law, liability and media law, both in the sphere of professional sports and amateur and leisure sports. Stoychev&Co Law Office provides multi-disciplinary skills to organisations that are involved in the sports industry (sponsors, marketing agencies, federations, clubs), as well as local authorities and top amateur and professional clubs in all disciplines. Our team has experience in the field of sports law and has participated in the transactions of some of the most popular football clubs in Bulgaria.

Cooperative Law

Cooperatives face complex legal issues and they need a legal team that understands their industry and organizational structure to help find working and effective solutions. Stoychev&Co Law Office has many years of experience in the field of cooperative law. Our lawyers are committed to working as a team with clients in order to achieve the strategic objectives of each business. We have more than 25 years of experience working with local and regional agricultural cooperatives, purchasing cooperatives, consumer cooperatives, and start-up organizations across the nation. Our expertise spans employment issues, environmental, land use and permits, securities, international and trade regulations, construction contracts, intellectual property and licensing. We also know the areas unique to cooperatives, including formation and organization, voting rights and governance, and tax issues.

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